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To tu Pierogi Review

Warsaw Local visited To Tu, Juliusza Słowackiego 12, 01-627 Warszawa on 11th February 2016.

We are big fans of dim sum, To Tu is a little outside of the city center but after reading such great online reviews we wanted to find out if it is worth the trip or not. Let’s check it out.

Finding the location

In all our reviews we use the Palace of Culture and Science as a point of reference. It is impossible to talk to To tu, unless you have a lot of time on your hands and long legs. From the Palace of Culture, you will need to take the Metro.

From Centrum we took the M1 (towards Młociny, four stops) and it took then 9 minutes and then with a little help from Google maps we found the place. It is not easy to find, it is not on a main street, you can see it from the main street, but you need to walk down some steps to get to it. Google maps is a must.

Here is a picture of the outside:

Prices and Menu

The menu was only available only in Polish. This is something important to note if you don’t speak Polish like me. Luckily my guest was Polish and could translate it for me.

The prices were great! One portion is 13zl, but this is pretty far from the city center, so it is kind of expected.

You’re able to mix the flavors and get four of each, we ordered:

soczewica ze skórką pomarańczowa (lentils with orange peel)
kaczka z pomarańczą (duck with orange)
kurczak z pietruszką (chicken with parsley)
dynia z serem i mlekiem kokosowy (pumpkin with cheese and coconut milk)
szpinak z serem (spinach with cheese)
wieprzowina z grzybami mun (pork with shrimp)

The total bill came to: 39zl

The dumplings were served with three different sauces of peanut, soy and chilli.

Our Personal Experience

Quality of food and Waiting time

We visited To Tu at about 18:00 on a Thursday. To Tu is more of a take away style location, so there wasn’t anyone sitting inside when we arrived.

We placed our ordered and waited about 12 minutes. The dumplings are pre-made, but freshly steamed in front of you.

They were heavily packed until other dim sum bars in the city, To Tu really fill their dumplings to the max.

To be completely honest, it became hard to explain which dumplings were what flavor because they are not marked or labelled. It’s like a tasty game of Russian roulette.

Overall, we really enjoyed them. They were packed with new tastes and very filling at a great price.


This venue is self-service. You visit the counter, place your own order and you collect your own order.

Decor and Atmosphere

The venue was surprisingly well decorated for take-away style restaurant. It had a really cool and trendy vibe, with plants in the table:

It was better than we expecting. There was not much of an atmosphere to speak of, but as mentioned above To tu is a take-away style restaurant.

Language barriers

The staff did not speak English and the menu was in Polish. If you go alone and with no understanding of Polish, you’ll just have to point and guess. You do only live once though.

Room for Improvement and things to note

It would be nice to see an English menu, even if it was written under the Polish, but apart from that we really enjoyed it. We wouldn’t say it is worth taking the Metro for but if you are in the area it is worth checking out.

Overall, nice price, quality healthy food but it is pretty hard from the center and there is not much else in the area to travel for. Perfect for a quick snack if you’re in the area.

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