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Top places for a date in Warsaw.

Warsaw is a beautiful city with lots of beautiful people. Want to invite someone for a date but not sure where to go? Here is your guide to top places for a range of different dates from the first date to the perfect place for a high-end anniversary dinner.

The First date

1. Zamieszanie Coctail bar

The prices are pretty standard for a cocktail bar in Warsaw. Not cheap, but not expensive. But what’s special about their drinks – they are really creative, served inside different bottles. They create their drinks themselves so nowhere in the city you can find them again. They are usually mixes of alcohols with herbs and fruit or vegetable.

Drink example: Bison grass vodka, matcha green tea, coconut milk.

Soi f you want impress someone with unusual taste this place is perfect!

The decor is amazing and worth a visit just to see the hundreds of bottles that cover the whole ceiling. The music creates a great vibe. The venue is a young, hipster with a classy twist sort of venue, and the music sorts this theme with a nice mix of suitable volumed hip hop mixes.

How to find it?

Address: Nowy Świat 6/12.

It is only 15 minutes walk from the Palace of Culture and Science, located in from of the Warsaw’s famous palm tree.

The entrance:

2. Pełną parą

If you want to invite someone for a first date not only for a drink but for a lunch this is a perfect venue. Pełną Parą is one of the few Dim sum bars in Warsaw, with hundreds of five star reviews on their Facebook page.

The prices are amazing! You can easily eat here for less than 20zl and leave not hungry. Price of dumplings set is between 15- 17 zł.

The design of both locations is funky and modern.

The music is very suitable for the location. It is at the correct volume to create an atmosphere, but not too loud to ruin a conversation.

How to find it?

Address: Sienna 76 street.

Pełną Parą is very central and easy to find. It takes about 20 minutes to walk there from Palace of Culture and Science.

The entrance:

3. The Alchemist gastrobar

If you want to surprise someone – this is the right place as it offers the only in Warsaw self servie beer wall!
The Alchemist offers both – fancy drinks, wide beer selection and good food so you can plan both there – only going out for a cocktail or for a meal.

A fantastic gastropub menu is on offer boasting a wide range of delicious dishes inspired by London & New York gastropub classics.

You will also discover here Central Europe’s very first ‘Pour-your-own’ beer wall – an exciting and interactive beer experience that revolutionizes the multi-tap trend and allows users to taste 8 different taps and free-pour your own beers without queuing at the bar!

The cocktails are served in fancy way and they recall the place’s name “The Alchemist” as they are presented along with the chemical equipment on the big wooden board.

The pub inside is very modern with opened kitchen and both – small and big tables. They play lounge music at the right volume to have more quiet and private conversation. Big windows along the whole place make it bright and allow you look at the city and enjoy your drinks in the warm place.

The entrance:

How to find it?

Adress: Metropolitan Building, plac Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego 1-3.

This venue is very central, located right by the Pilsudskiego Square where The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is.
From Palace of Culture and Science it is 20 minutes walk.

4. Bułkę przez bibułkę

This venue is very quiet and privative so if you want to talk and be in smaller place this is a perfect place for you.
Inside it is kept in industrial style with original bricks on the walls and bulbs hanging on the wires from the ceiling. The chairs are different and they make an atomosphere too.

The music is mostly slow jazz so it won’t disturb your conversation and will not be aggressive or too fast.

They serve more of a healthy and smaller type of food such as bagels sandwiches, panini sandwiches, bread with olive oil, salads or pancakes with fresh fruits in very reasonable prices such as 16zł for a big sandwich.

The have big selection of coffees with different types of milk or additives such as honey or marshmallows.

If you want to order alcohol they serve prosecco with the price of 5zł per glass and wine in carafe with the price of 13zł which you can easily share between two people.

The entrance:

How to find it?

Address: Zgoda 3

The location is very convenient, close to Palace of Culture and it’s on the way to Old Town so from there you can easily make a walk there.

Romantic dinner date

1. San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo is a luxury venue located very close to the city center with very good prices. Average pasta will cost 30-40zł. The chef of the kitchen is from Italy and you can easily see it in the dishes quality.

It is great to know that the menus are available in more than just the standard Polish and English. San Lorenzo provides a FULL menu in Russian and Italian.

From the outside you wouldn’t expect much but when you enter inside it is more than impressive. It looks like a royal dining room!

They play traditional Italian music in the background which makes the great atmosphere!

The entrance:

The entrance is easy to spot from far away. The outside of San Lorenzo is large and red.

How to get there?

Address: Jana Pawła II 36

From Palace of Culture and Science it is 20 minutes walk but you can easily take a tram as well. Number 33 or 17 from Warsaw Central Station (DIRECTION METRO MŁOCINY) and you need to leave at tram stop called KINO FEMINA.

2. Casa Pablo

Casa Pablo is renowned as one of the top fine dinning venues in Warsaw with 150+ five star reviews on Facebook. It is a luxury venue serving spanish cuisine.

What is interesting about this place – each table receives warm bread with olive oil as a starter.

It’s important to note that this is a little more expensive venue. The main dish will cost 60 – 80zł. But its worth the price – the service and dishes quality and presentation is on the highest level possible.

The menu is available in Spanish with English.

The inside of Casa Pablo is very high end and elegant with blue and red dark colors.

The music is nice Spanish instrumental with mix of some contemporary music.

How to get there?

Adress: Grzybowska 5a.

Casa Pablo is central and is very easy to find. It takes a quick ten minutes from the Palace of Culture to walk there. Also, something to note is that they provide a car park for customers.

The entrance:

3. Oliva

Famous for its croatian owners and croatian olive oil this restaurant is a very elegant mediterranean place for a special occasion.

At the beginning as a free welcoming started every table is served warm fresh bread with few different olive oils.

The prices are very reasonable for such a good location and excellent service. For a starter you will have to pay between 10 and 20 zł.

For a pasta it is around 30-40zł. Top quality steak costs 60zł and its worth the price.

The Staff provides amazing service – for your pasta they will great fresh cheese directly to your place and they will advice you and take time for you to choose your wine.

The decor is beautiful. Very elegant and classy. It has minimalist feel with its bare wood and delicate lighting. This created a very romantic, yet professional setting. Quiet lounge music plays in the background.

How to get there?

Address: Ordynacka 10/12 street.

Oliva is easy to find and is just off the famous nowy swiat street. From the Palace of Culture it takes about 12 minutes to get there on foot.

The entrance:

4. Mąka i woda

Mąka i woda is a nice place for a romantic dinner but its less luxury than previous proposition. If you want to go for a romantic dinner without dressing too elegant this is a perfect choice.

They prepare their traditional Neapolitan pizza according to the traditional recipes of Italian production and its one of the best pizzas in Warsaw. The prices are very good between 25 and 35zł for the main dish.

The venue has a very modern, but yet traditional vibe. It is not your stereotypical Italian venue with red and white checkered table clothes and cheesy music. It has a more upscale New York restaurant feel to it.

The opened kitchen with big fire oven with loads of wood to bake pizza inside makes a very good atmosphere where you can watch dishes being prepared by the chefs.

The entrance:

How to get there?

It takes about 10 minutes to walk, but beware that Mąka i Woda is not on a main street and you have to walk down a short alley to find it.

Did we miss out your favorite dating spot? Share it below for all the other lovers out there is Warsaw to enjoy 🙂



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