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Your ultimate guide to the beach of Warsaw.
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How to get to Warsaw Beach

How to get to the Beach via Tram

The Tram is one of the easiest ways to get to the Warsaw beach if you’re new to the city of Warsaw. As it doesn’t turn or make alternative routes like a bus will so this can make life simpler.

Tram Numbers you can take:


We use large Hard Rock Cafe sign as a point of reference as it’s easily found. To get to the tram stop from the Hard Rock Cafe sign you’ll need to go underground for about 350m. Click the button below to see:

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How to get to the Beach via Tram

Buses are the same price as trams, so if you’d prefer to take a bus here are some of the available buses that will take you to Warsaw Beach.

Buses outside Hard Rock Cafe sign:


We use large Hard Rock Cafe sign as a point of reference as it’s easily found. The bus stop with the above buses is less than 5m away from the sign. Very easy to spot.

Both the bus and the tram stop near each other by the PGE National Stadium (PGE Narodowy). One of the quickest ways to the beach is by heading towards the Stadium and then walk left as shown in the map below:

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Frequently Asked Questions about Warsaw Beach

  • Is it legal to light a fire on the beach?

    On the sand side of the river closest to the national stadium you’ll find fire pits and designated areas for fires. It is legal to light a fire here, but not anywhere else. It is also important to note that you must not damage trees around the area for fire wood.

  • Can I legally drink on the beach?

    There are two parts of the river where you’ll see lots of large groups gathering. There are the large stone steps closest to the city center and on the other side of the river you’ll see the sand. It is only legal to drink on the sand side of the river. Technically you are not allowed to drink on the stone steps, but there are usually police patrols there and they don’t mind.

  • Is Warsaw beach safe?

    We would regard Warsaw beach as a safe place. In the day time you can find families and people playing sports. In the night time on a Friday and Saturday night the beach turns in to a party atmosphere with up to 1000 people attending. We regard the beach as safe because there are so many people around, but large crowds and alcohol are not the perfect mix so we always recommend using common sense and if you feel uncomfortable then move to a new area or return another day.

  • Can I swim in the water?

    The water is safe to enter, but it is mostly too shallow to swim in.

For Children

The area surrounding the beach and the national stadium are children-friendly. At the entrance to the beach you’ll find a large play area with lots of different styles of climbing frames, swings and much more.

The beach area is also large enough for most family sports such a volleyball, softball, football and other outdoor sports to take place.

Boat Ride

Warsaw during the summer offers a big variety of activities connected to Wistula river. One of them is a water tram connecting left and right side of the city. Each tram can take up to 12 people and 12 bikes on each ride and everybody can use them for FREE. All trams operate between 1 st May and 6th September. There are 4 trams in 4 different places but two, most central ones, are:

“PLISZKA” Most Poniatowskiego – Stadion Narodowy

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