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Warsaw Bomber Jailed

The court sentenced Waldemar O. for “murder with the use of explosives”. It is an explosion that took place in the autumn of 2016 in a block in Targówek. According to the prosecutor’s office, the man constructed a bomb and left it at the door of the apartment. One person died. 

“The Warsaw-Praga District Court found the accused Waldemar O. guilty of murder with the use of explosives and sentenced him to 25 years imprisonment,” reads the press release. In addition, the court ordered that the aggrieved party pay 50,000 zlotys

Everything happened in October 2016. There was an explosion in the stairwell of the Turmonckiej Street building. Investigators inform that the package was left in the stairwell, in front of the door of one of the premises. The package exploded when the tenant of the apartment picked up the package. The 48-year-old, despite a long fight later died. A person accompanying him was wounded, but survived.

Thanks to the actions of prosecutors and the police from the capital’s office, after a few days, the supposed perpetrator of the crime was able to be selected and arrested. The 44-year-old was charged with the intentional murder of Krzysztof O. and the attempted murder of another person. At that time he was sent to temporary detention.

“High degree of harm”

The district court stated that the 44-year-old Waldemar O. accused in this case acted “in the intention of depriving his ex-partner of life”. “He constructed a bomb, which he then put under the apartment door” 

The court also drew attention to the “high degree of guilt and social harmfulness of the act”. He found the manner of the crime to be particularly dangerous. The load was placed in a public place (in the stairwell), which posed a danger for a much larger number of people than the planned murder victim.


After the outbreak, the residents of the Turmonckiej block (about 80 people) were evacuated. They were terrified. They heard a huge bang and at first they thought it was a gas explosion. They spent the night in a purpose built bus ZTM. They returned to their homes the next day. 



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