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Warsaw buys 80 gas-powered buses

The order for the supply of 80 gas-powered buses was completed and the city of Warsaw will soon begin to receive their gas-powered buses. The city will paid for 50 articulated vehicles and 30 shorter vehicles with a value over 132 million zlotys.

New vehicles will be powered by CNG natural gas. The Kleszczów depot will be responsible for their service.

As announced by the town hall, in spring 2019 said that 50 low-floor articulated buses and 30 vehicles with a length of 12 meters will reach Warsaw. They will be equipped with air conditioning, monitoring, electronic passenger information system and recuperation system allowing for energy recovery during braking.

Two offers for buses

The deal was announced at the end of January. The contract for the delivery of gas buses were submitted by two companies – MAN and Solaris. The choice of the best offer was determined by the price (in 85 percent), technical parameters (6 percent) and ecology (9 percent).

At the time the deal was announced, Miejskie Zakład Autobusowe estimated the value of the contract for PLN 119 million. The winning offer exceeds the initially anticipated budget by over 13 million.

At the same time, the contract also includes a ten-year gas supply deal and provision of refueling infrastructure were under way.

Currently, the largest carrier in the capital has 61 eco-friendly low-emission or zero-emission buses. It has 21 electric, 35 gas and five hybrid vehicles. By the end of 2020, this number is expected to increase to 300.

In addition, the company has several hundred vehicles equipped with solar panels and a solar plant in the “Woronicza” depot. Another such installation is to be built in the depot at Redutowa, which is awaiting a major reconstruction. The facility will accommodate 300 buses, including a part in the underground car park. The depot will be equipped with 100 stations for charging electric vehicles.



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