Warsaw City Bikes are going Electric*

Here are Warsaw Local we are huge fans of the Warsaw city bikes. They are one of the cheapest ways to see and explore the city. Costing less than five euros to set-up an account you can start riding right away. If you return the bike within 20 minutes the whole ride is free. If you time it carefully you can ride many days or weeks for free.

Today the the company behind city bikes (Veturilo) have just announced that month they will be upgrading 10 stations and 100 bikes from your standard cycle bikes to electric powered bikes.

– The bikes can be used and taken with any regular veturilo account

– They have have an electric motor that supports your cycling

– You can only return the electric bike to an electric bike rack. You can not return it to a standard rack. Here is a map of the current 10 stations.

If you have never heard of the Warsaw City bikes then check out this video which explains everything you need to know to create an account and begin riding:

Are you excited? Let us know in the comment section

*not every single bike will be electric, but it is a start.



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