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Warsaw over 30 degrees. The Town Hall warns against heat

In the coming days you have to prepare for hot weather. High temperatures can be dangerous to health. The town hall advises how to prevent the negative effects of such heat.

With hot weather, according to the weather forecasts, we will be struggling from Monday to Wednesday. The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management forecasts temperatures up to 32 degrees Celsius. Orange alerts have been issued for several provinces.

In the Mazovian voivodship, the second level warning will apply in the poviats : Płockie, Gostyniński, Sochaczew, Żyrardów, Grodzisk, Pruszków, Warsaw West, Otwock, Grojec, Piaseczno, Przysusz, Białobrzeg, Kozienice, Garwolin, Radom, Lipsk, Zwoleński and Szydłowiec. three cities: Warsaw, Płock and Radom.

The warning will apply from 12 noon on Monday to 20 or 21 on Wednesday.

Avoid the being outside for long periods and drink a lot of water

As it reminds the town hall, hot weather and the dehydration of the body caused by them can cause a rapid deterioration of health, and in extreme cases – worse. The effects of high temperatures will especially affect older people, children and people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

The city council appeals to minimize exposure to sunny, open grounds in the mid-day hours. It is also important to remember to wear a headgear that protects the head and face from overheating. When we go out into the sun, it is also worth remembering about the loose clothes in bright colors. Importantly, it should cover as much of the body surface as possible.

Seniors and people with cardiovascular disease should limit their time spend outside from buildings, especially between 10-15.

On hot days you should also regularly drink large amounts of liquids – preferably mineral water. Nutritionists recommend that it be a minimum of two liters a day. We should not drink alcohol that dehydrates the body. Residents of the capital can take advantage of the free Warsaw water tap, available in barrels spread throughout the city.

The water level in Wisła falls

High temperatures also affect the water level in the Vistula. According to pogodynka.pl, it currently stands at 170 centimeters. In the coming days it will continue to fall. By Wednesday it will fall by about six centimeters.

Let us remind you that less than two weeks ago a flood wave has passed through the capital . At the climax – on the night of Tuesday for Wednesday (May 25/26) – the water level reached 579 centimeters.

Is 30 degrees really all that bad? Is this an over reaction? Or a well needed public announcement? Let us know your opinion.



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