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Warsaw Perk Review

Love the TV show Friends? Then you’ll love Warsaw Perk! Here you’ll find a Friends inspired coffee shop with a range of sweet treats available. Warsaw Perk came to our attention because of the great positive feedback on their Facebook page. With almost 10,000 fans and many five stars reviews we had to check it out. Warsaw Local visited Warsaw Perk 12th November 2017

Find Warsaw Perk

In all our reviews we use the Palace of Culture and Science as a point of reference as it is the tallest building in the city (and Poland!)

It could be possible to work from the Palace of Culture and Science if you have the energy and long legs, but we were hungry (and lazy) so we took public transport. From the very center it is about 2.5km and according to Google maps it would take 30 minutes to walk and 9 minutes to cycle. From the bus stop outside the Hard Rock Cafe we took the number 518 and it takes you one street away from the front of Warsaw Perk.

Price and Menu

The menu was presented only in Polish, but it had pictures showcasing their main dishes so it easy to work out what you’ll receive.

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We ordered:

Country Life Waffle – 22zł
Oreo Scmock – 16zł
Chocolate Oreo Milkshake – 20zł

Total bill: 58zł

Here at Warsaw Local we normally review restaurants and Warsaw Perk has more of a cafe feel and menu, so it is difficult to compare it in price to a restaurant. Either way two large meals that would easily fill up the hungriest of sweet tooth’s for less than 60zł is great value for money when you factor in how many ingredients are used in each dish but we will discuss that in the next section. Overall, we think the menu is fairly priced and provides good value for money.

Our Experience

Our two waffle orders were served at the same time. My guest ordered Oreo Scmock which on the menu was labelled as Waffle, Nutella, Oreo cookies, banana with a large scoop of ice cream and topped with chocolate.

We recently did a review at another venue that made pancakes and waffles fresh and they showed us the process of making fresh pancakes from batter. This experience taught us the difference between pre-made packet waffles and the fresh stuff. We can confirm that this waffles are 100% freshly made as they are light, airy and tasty. Unlike the packet stuff that is hard and just tastes plain dull.

The waffles was slightly warm, but not hot enough to turn the ice cream in to a messy puddle. This whole plate was a perfect mix of contrasting textures. You had the soft melt in your mouth ice cream, then you had the banana which was firm, but soft as you’d expect, and then top with this sharp and crunchy broken up pieces of Oreo cookie. There is something for everyone (who loves sweets).

We felt the portion size was great too. It was the right size for a hungry horse like me. however it is also enough to be shared and satisfy both parties. The dish was not as messy to eat as you might expect. You could easily break it up with a knife and fork and using the fork you could trap a piece of cookie between some banana and waffle and it wouldn’t be able to escape.

Me and my guest were sharing our dishes between each other, but I placed my order as Country Life Waffle. This was labelled on the menu as: A waffle with marshmallow fluff, kinder country pieces, batoniki kinder, Cheerios (cereal),  caramel sauce, ice cream and seasonal fruit (which was banana).

The presentation was good, it is pretty difficult to make a random collection of ingredients look good but they did a great job. A find balancing act on the top. I didn’t want to destroy it. One thing I did notice is that on the picture it had strawberries, but on my dish was banana. I wasn’t sure if it was a mistake or not, but the kind waitress translated the part on the menu that said that the dish has seasonal fruits and this can change from time to time. Something to note if you really wanted strawberries.

The chocolate selection was great. I am a big fan of the Kinder range of chocolate so ten out of ten in that area. The ice cream again didn’t melt to fast on the warm waffle and the mix of textures between the crunchy cereal and marshmallow fluff was great. On the subject, where else in Warsaw do you find marshmallow fluff on your food…only at Warsaw Perk! A must try if you’re in to exploring new tastes and textures. Two minutes after our mains were served our order of milkshake was brought to our table. It was huge! The menu set our exceptions as a chocolate milkshake that consists of whipped cream, Oreo cookies, nutella, chocolate sauce and a black ice cream cone.

It was huge. I wasn’t sure if we would eat it or if it would eat us. So where to start…first we went in for the biggest piece which was the ice cone stuck on the top. It was thick and crispy, easy to scoop up all the cream which was entangled with all the cookies. It took a big bite out of it and it was a bit messy, but I am a big boy and I managed. There was chocolate all in and around the glass.

My guest had too much to eat from the main dishes as she ate most of mine too, but there is a straw in the milkshake, so you can still drink it without having to fight your way through. Some advice from us is don’t wait too long as the sauce can begin to drip fast.

Services and waiting time

We visited Warsaw Perk the day after a national holiday, so the whole city was pretty quite. It is common for Polish people to move to Warsaw for work and then on holidays like Easter and other national holidays they will take the time to return home, making Warsaw sometimes a bit of a ghost town. On this day the city was quite, so there were only about four or five people in the whole venue. We didn’t expect much waiting time and we were right. From ordering to being severed was less than six minutes. The kitchen is semi-open, so we could see our creation being made and when it was almost ready to be served.

The service was great, even though this was a cafe style venue we still received table service with a smile. The lady that served us was very polite and after hearing us speaking English came later to ask if everything was OK in English. A small, but kind and noted positive.

Decor and Atmosphere

We love the TV Friends, so when we heard Warsaw Perk was a Friends inspired cafe we were excited! When you enter you see the large orange sofa, the arm chair that Chandler would sit in and the table you’d always find the character Joey sat out.

We also noticed the guitar in the corner. Just if one of your friends has never seen the TV show and you need to educated them on the amazing song that is smelly cat:

Language barrier

As a native English speaker that doesn’t speak Polish I sometimes struggle with restaurants in Warsaw that don’t have English speaking staff or menus only written in Polish but that is not a problem with Warsaw Perk. All the staff that we spoke to spoke a great level of English. As mention the menu is only presented in Polish, but there are large pictures of the main dishes available. We asked some questions about the dishes and they were happy to answer in English.

Final impression and things to note

Overall, we’d fully recommend this venue for those that love sweets. Now if you hate sweets then this is not the venue for you. There are not many options on the menu that are not covered in caramel or chocolate sauce. We are big sweet lovers so for us it was heaven! Warsaw Perk provide good value for money in a central location.

A cool thing to note is that Warsaw Perk have a bigger upstairs space if you’re planning to visit in a larger group.

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