Your Free Guide to Warsaw Street Art

Warsaw Street Art

Welcome to the Warsaw Local guide to Warsaw Street Art. Street art is, by nature, controversial. To some, it’s vandalism and an eyesore. To others, it’s a great backdrop for their next Instagram shot. But to the artists themselves, it’s their way to broadcast the social and political currents running through a city and the city of Warsaw is no different! You can find almost every style of Warsaw street art on almost every street corner from a quick squiggles to a huge building size mural with some important meanings behind it.

Here is our Warsaw Local guide to some of the best Warsaw Street Art and don’t forget that we have a link below each piece which will help you understand how to get there and experience the work yourself.

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Radzymińska 150

Radzymińska 150 is pretty far from the city center compared to the other locations listed, but what makes the journey worth it for art lovers and photographers is that there are three different pieces all in the same area. There are three different apartment blocks and each of them servers has a canvas for another one of the many Warsaw Street art masterpieces. Learn More…

Athletics Stadium

RKS Skra Stadium is a rugby union stadium in Warsaw, Poland. It is currently used mostly for rugby union matches and is the home stadium of RKS Skra. Sadly due to lack of attention the building is not really used as much as more, but has become home to some amazing pieces of Warsaw Street Art. There is a large wall all the way around the building which is covered in a range of different graffiti from many different artists from around the world. Learn More…

Rondo Tybetu (Tibet Roundabout)

The Tibetan Gallery came as a consequence of a three-day event in 2009 during which over 100 people including artists, passersby, Varsovians and activists, painted the corner of a roundabout with striking pieces of art. It was all inspired by Warsaw council’s decision to award the Dalai Lama honorary citizenship. Ever since, works inspired by Tibet have been added to the nearby pillars that stretch north from the roundabout each year, forming a fully-fledged mural showcase subsequently known as the Tibetan Gallery. It was all a joint creation between Fundacja Inna Przestrzeń, Fundacja Klamra and, and is supported by the City of Warsaw and the Municipal Road Authority (ZDM). Learn More…

Legia Stadium Warsaw Street Art

Just a short walk away from the local football team of Warsaw (Legia) you’ll find a bridge with a roundabout under it. Under this bridge you’ll find some amazing pieces art from famous street artists from all around the wall. As you follow this bridge you’ll see a car park which is easily accessibly. Inside the car park you’ll find event more amazing pieces. The Legia football Stadium is easy to get to as there are lots of public transport routes around. From the city center it’s only 15 minutes on one direct bus. Learn More…

We hope your enjoyed our guide to Warsaw Street Art but this is only the beginning. Check out our map where we regularly add new pieces we discover around the city: Warsaw Street Art Map

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