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Warsaw Vistula Bars to Close?

Will the bars disappear from the Vistula river bank? The owners of the local premises inform that their lease contracts have expired this year and the city has not yet announced that they will renew. Does this mean the end of the era of the vibrant Vistula nightlife?

The boulevards over the Vistula river (sometimes called: Warsaw Beach Bars) is always one of the most vibrant parts of the city in the summer. In recent years, they have become the most popular place in the capital. When it is warm, hundreds of Varsovians can be found there. Some spend time sitting on the stairs, and some of the nearby bars. Many locals would comment that they could hardly imagine Warsaw without the boulevards over the Vistula.

Will the season on the Vistula be delayed?

The owners of popular bars, which have been on the Vistula for close to several years, inform that in the coming season their premises may not return or open much later than usual.

The uncertain fate of the Vistula boulevards is related to the protests of the inhabitants of Powiśle. Due to the large crowds and music the local council receives many official complaints about loud party-goers, trash and vandalism.

Here is a map of where you are allowed to drink in public on the Vistula

The  Vistula boulevards are an area excluded from the ban on alcohol consumption, and unfortunately alcohol is often favored by adventures who want to enjoy the summer nights. People who live in the area of ​​Wisła say that people coming back from parties are loud, aggressive and sometimes physically violent.

Since last 2018,  city officials have been conducting talks in which local residents and bar owners of the Vistula flats took part in public and private debates.

Will the bars return to the Vistula?

One of the most controversial solutions is the idea of ​​introducing a permanent police presence on party day. However, it does not appeal to the owners of the bars, and the residents are not satisfied – they would just like a smaller number of clubs. The talks have been going on since autumn last year, and the neither party have come to a final agreement. That is why the renew of the licences has not yet been announced. If the city delays, the owners will not have time to prepare for the opening of the “season on the Vistula River”.

On Monday afternoon speculations were cut short by Justyna Glusman, director-coordinator for sustainable development and greenery at the Warsaw City Hall. She assured on Twitter that “club cafés will not disappear from the Vistula”. However, she added that the city took steps to make the Vistula this year “quieter and safer”.

”We’ll light up the boulevards and install additional cameras, there will be more service patrols”

If you have not yet discovered the bars by the river then check out our Warsaw Local guide to beach bars in Warsaw

What do you think about this? Would it be a big shame to see some a popular location disappear from the map of Warsaw? Or is it a welcome solution to the prolems that the surrounding areas face? Share your opinion in the comment section below.



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