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What is ‘Profil Zaufany’ and how to get one

What is ‘Profil Zaufany’?

The short version is ‘Profil Zaufany’ translates to ‘trusted profile’ in English. A trusted profile easily lets officials know you are who you say you are and validate your identity online. That is the short version, below is the longer version explaining how you can easily get one yourself.

Creating a Trusted Profile

Would you like to deal with all your official matters online without going anywhere? If yes, what you need is a trusted profile, which is a free tool that anyone can use to validate their identity online (like your electronic signature but not paid). With trusted profile, you can easily, fast and safely send, check and edit documents at different official sites.
What is a trusted profile?

Trusted profile is a wide information about each user. The data that you provide is verified by the government. The opening process ensures that anyone who is given a trusted profile is trustworthy. All of the data on the trusted profile is very protected so no one – except the user – and can use them.

It allows you to bring requests, fees, complaints and declarations electronically to the governmental offices without a personal visit.

What can you do with your trusted profile?

A few examples of many advantages of trusted profile:

● You gain access to: Electronic Public Service Administration Platform (ePUAP) – where you can apply for ID card, PESEL number, pay your tax, report marriage, get the copy of your birth certificate and much more
● Check all your ZUS information – submit all your applications, check your retirement fund or all your contributions
● Central Business Activity Register (CEIDG) – you can apply to start a business online, control your business and get all the information about businesses in Poland

Who can be given a trusted profile?

Anyone who has a registered PESEL number.

The PESEL* national identification number is mandatory for all permanent residents of Poland. It always has 11 numbers, identifies just one, unique person. If you are from the UK then think of it as your national insurance number or if you’re from Spain think of it as your Número de Identificación de Extranjero (NIE)

*(Polish Powszechny Elektroniczny System Ewidencji Ludności, Universal Electronic System for Registration of the Population)

If you’d like to learn more about PESEL then check out our article where you can find much more information: What is PESEL and what does it cost?

When can I get a trusted profile?

There is waiting time or minimum requirements for when you are allowed to apply for a Profil Zaufany. You can do it when you first arrive in Poland or even after many years of living here. You will need a PESEL and this process can take between a few days to a few weeks, so if you don’t already have one we’d recommend applying today for PESEL to make your process for applying to the ‘Profil Zaufany” scheme easier.

For how long does a trusted profile last?

A ‘Profil Zaufany’ is issued and is valid for three years. After this time frame your trusted profile becomes invalid and you will need to re-apply, so they can asses if there can been any changes and if you are still the person you claimed to be. If there are no issues then you’ll be re-issued a new Profil Zaufany which again will be valid for another three years

How much does it cost?

Great news! It is completely free!

How do I do it?

You can only apply for a Profil Zaufany via the Internet.

Via Internet

A bank account is used to quickly and securely establish and confirm a trusted profile. It is the fastest way because your bank details are already confirmed (they were authenticated when you created your account). That is why in this case you will not need to confirm them personally in the office.

How to create a trusted profile via bank account:

1. Check if your bank has the option to set up a trusted profile (visit the bank or call the hotline.)

2.Sign in to your bank account.

3. Look for the form to open a trusted profile.

4.Fill it in.

5. Submit the form to your bank. Your profile will be automatically created.

Each time you will log in to your trusted profile account, make sure you select the electronic banking login option.

We hope this article as helped you learn more about the process of setting up a ‘Profil Zaufany’ and that you have also learnt the benefits. If there are any other benefits we missed out then share them in the comment section below to help the community.



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