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Where to host a Christmas Party in Warsaw

No matter your religious beliefs Christmas has a magical power of bringing people together, to discuss the year gone by, to plan for the future and also to party! The Christmas Party is also a big date on an employees calendar. If you are a business owner it is a great team building day that should not be over looked. In this article we are going to cover the best venues in Warsaw for a company Christmas Party. No matter if you’re a small start-up working from a garage or a multi-national company with hundreds of employees. We will cover venues suitable for 5 people all the way up to 500+ people.

With only a few weeks left if your boss as not already mentioned a Christmas Party yet maybe share this with them to drop the hint 😛

5-15 People

There are many great restaurants in Warsaw and we have visited many of them. If you are new to Warsaw Local we regularly post Warsaw Restaurant Reviews and all the venues in this article we have personally visited. We have chosen a collection of venues that all have something interesting and unique about them.

Le Cedre 84

Le Cedre is a Lebanese restaurant in the center of Warsaw. Their food and venue is not only a fascinating and delicious journey to the tastes of Beirut but through many different levels of Arabic cuisine.

The venue is a great talking point. They have created an amazing atmosphere that really makes you feel you are far away from the Polish winter. Le Cedre can create a seating arrangement to meet your group size, so no matter if you’re a group of 5-15 they will ensure you are all comfortable.

One of the reasons we selected Le Cedre for this list is that they provide great sharing food options. They have a set menu called ‘Menu Beirut’ where you get to try a large selection of the whole menu from cold mezzah, warm mezzah and meat dishes. This is perfect for a team that want to discover something new.

We recently visited Le Cedre 84 and tried the Menu Beirut for ourselves. You can read our full Le Cedre 84 review with lots more pictures. The short version is this place is an amazing experience with amazing service and great value for money!

Location: Al. Solidarności 84 (click to open Google Maps)
Phone number: +48 22 61 88 999


Oliva is another one of our favorite places that we personally visit whenever we get the opportunity. Oliva is a venue that prides themselves on providing an authentic Mediterranean cuisine. Their restaurant name comes from their passion for good oils. Oliva proudly say that good olive oil is like a good wine – it has many species differs depending on the country of origin and varieties of olives used to produce it. So, how the trick is to find the right wine to accompany your meal, so seasoned chefs pay attention to the taste and aroma of the oil used to cook food.

Each guest at Oliva will taste 2 grades of oil, so that you know their differences and appreciate the taste. Oliva also offer the opportunity to purchase licensed oil from known sources, mainly organic production of Crete, Spain and Portugal.

We have selected this venue for this list as it has a private seating area upstairs. This allows you to socialize and bond without disturbing anybody else.

That is not the only reason. The food is absolutely amazing. They provide a range of pasta dishes, meat dishes and much more. You can see more pictures of the inside and more pictures of the food in our full Restauracja Oliva review

Location: ul. Ordynacka 10/12 (click to open Google Maps)
Phone number: 501 497 410

La Tomatina

If you’re unsure what everyone in your team likes then it is save bet to go with Italian because it covers most dishes with meats, fishes, pizzas, pastas and more. We recently visited La Tomatina and it is one of the best central locations on our list of venues under 15 people.

La Tomatina pride themselves on providing original Italian cuisine, prepared according to traditional recipes from the highest quality natural ingredients, that will satisfy even the most discriminating palate. A rich selection of over 100 unique dishes will delight lovers of meat dishes, vegetarian cuisine fans and supporters of dessert sweets.

We have selected this venue for this list as it has a private seating area at the back of the restaurant.

This place is perfect for the picky eaters out there. There pizza menu has 40+ options to choose from and anything can be added or removed. You can see pictures of the menu and the food we ordered when we visited: La Tomatina Review

Location: ul. Krucza 47 (click to open Google Maps)
Phone number: 22 625 10 47

25 – 50 People

This section is for the larger party that expects more. Just because a venue is large and has lots of seats does not mean that its kitchen can handle 50 dishes at once. All the venues in this part of the list we have visited and can confirm they have experience in dealing with such group sizes.


Now Waniliowa is outside of the city but this will benefit companies that are located near or around the Arkadia shopping center or surrounding areas.

Waniliowa specialize in Polish cuisine, so this is a venue we would really recommend if you’re an international company with many international employees. Waniliowa label themselves as a sophisticated, exciting venue with innovative cuisine. At Waniliowa, they care abut the smallest details and can guarantee that the dishes you are served are only healthy, regional and based upon top-quality ingredients.

This venue can support smaller groups of 5-15 people, but we have also witness them host large wedding after-parties. This definitely puts them in the category of venue that can handle a large group.

Waniliowa provide a wide range of high quality of Polish classics, but for a large group that can create custom dishes for your needs.

Location: Aleja Władysława Reymonta 15 Gmina Bielany (click to open Google Maps)
Phone number: 22 639 8038

San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo is one of the best Italians we have ever visited. We have spoken with Italians living in Warsaw and they have said the same thing. The owners of San Lorenzo are from Italy, the kitchen staff speak Italian and they even have a completely dedicated Italian menu. One of the only restaurants in Warsaw that can claim this.

San Lorenzo presents itself as a very high-end venue, without the pretentious over pricing. The whole building is very large with many tables across two floors. It is for this reason we have selected San Lorenzo for this list. San Lorenzo has been home to made wedding parties so this showcases the efficiency of the kitchen.

It is not only the venue we love. The food is even better! With freshly made pasta, home made sauces and the freshest fish possible you are always great guaranteed dining experience. You can see pictures of the menu and food we were served when we visited: San Lorenzo Review

Location: al. Jana Pawła II 36 (click to open Google Maps)
Phone number: 22 652 16 16

Warung Jakarta

The above two venues are quite classy places, if you are looking for something more casual but still of high quality then Warung Jakarta will be perfect for your group. We discovered Warung Jakarta due to its interesting story of a Polish guy than traveled Indonesia, met with two amazing chefs, together they all moved back to Poland and opened their own restaurant called Warung Jakarta.

The venue is very large and has seating for maximum 80 people.

This causal atmosphere is great for company bonding. They provide a wide range of interesting and unique dishes and flavors that you might not have experienced before. They import all their spices from Indonesia, so you are always getting the real deal with Warung Jakarta.

Location: ul. Piękna 28/34 (click to open Google Maps)
Phone number: 515 467 551

100+ People

Now this section is for the big timers who want to throw a party that no one will ever forget! This section is called ‘100+’ because all the venues on this section of the list can handle 300+ people. Time is running out for booking a whole venue, but all these venue will provide a ‘buy out’ service where you will get the everything you need such as the whole bar and the whole kitchen.

Hard Rock Cafe

The brand name speaks for itself. The Hard Rock Cafe has 191 Hard Rock locations in 59 countries, including 168 cafes, 23 hotels, and 11 casinos. They didn’t build a brand like this by providing poor service and bad quality food. You can expect nothing but the best from them. There venue in Warsaw can easily host 250+ people eating, a standing buffet service and an open bar if require. There is a large stage and the Hard Rock can arrange live music for you and your party.

The Hard Rock Cafe has one of the best locations in our list. Less than 100 meters away from the Palace of Culture and Science, you can find many tram, bus and metro stops within a very short walking distance. There is also a taxi rank outside the front door if your party goes on until late.

The Hard Rock Cafe have something for everybody. Their famous burgers are always a hit with a crowd, mountains of nachos, ribs in BBQ sauce and more. One thing that most people don’t know about the Hard Rock is that about 15 vegetation dishes are available. If ordering a large buffet they can customize to many different diet requirements.

Location: Zlota 59 (click to open Google Maps)
Phone number: 22 222 07 00

Blue Cactus

Blue Cactus is only venue on our list that has its open night club attached. Blue Cactus offer:

– Aromatic Tex-Mex Cuisineand considerable flexibility of culinary topics
– A two-level Club Room Iguana for business events with full cocktail and dance facilities, for up to 300 people,
-The possibility of organizing events and events for up to 1,000 people,
– The location in the beautiful Mokotów Park Morskie Oko (access link to contact)
– Our own parking only for the guests of the restaurant
– Grill burned with oak wood
– 20 years of Restaurants and Event experience

Location: Zajączkowska 11 (click to open Google Maps)
Phone number: 22 851 23 23


There are plenty of restaurants in Warsaw where you can eat but without a bar offer. Likewise, there are lots of bars where you can drink but food is relegated to second place.

But what about great food, a great beverage selection and fantastic music and entertainment and partying into the night all in the same spot. “This is what the creator had been dreaming about…. Warsaw’s best destination bar, restaurant, lounge and club to wine, dine and dance.”

Stixx is on our list of the largest venues for company parties due to that fact have in the past provided large scale corporate events for 600 people!

STIXX Bar & Grill is a high-energy, bustling bar, restaurant, lounge and club destination where you will feel like a VIP in an energetic, stylish world all to yourself.

Location: Plac Europejski 4A (click to open Google Maps)
Phone number: 22 340 40 40

We really hope you found this article helpful in planning your company Christmas party. Did we miss out a good place? Share your knowledge in the comment section 🙂



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