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Wspólny Mianownik Review

At Warsaw Local we are always on the search for something new and interesting. We recently came discovered Wspólny Mianownik due to its great online reputation. With 185+ five star reviews on their Facebook page we wanted to find out what made them so liked by the locals. We visited Wspólny Mianownik on 8th November 2017.

Finding Wspólny Mianownik

In all our reviews we use the Palace of Culture and Science as a point of reference as it is the tallest building in the city (and Poland!)

Wspólny Mianownik is not reachable by foot from the Palace of Culture and Science, but it is very easy to reach from the city center. The number 523 bus will take you from the center to all most outside Wspólny Mianownik. If you’re new to the city and you’re not sure what bus to tram to take then check out Jakdojade. It is a free public transport app that will plan your route for you. Just enter the name ‘Ostrobramska 126/16’ in to the app and it will direct you to the front door. We have an article explaining Jakdojade here: Jakdojade Explained

Here is a picture of the outside to make it easier to find:

Price and Menu

The menu is only written in Polish and there is no English option available. My guest spoke Polish so that was not a problem, but the staff speak English and will be happy to guide you through making the right choice.

We ordered:

Pulled Pork, coleslaw, pickles and BBQ sauce: 16.90zł

Cream cheese, Rocket salad, Pear and blue cheese: 14.90zł

Pancakes with Nutella, Oreo and Ice cream: 19.90zł

Total cost: 51.70zł

After reviewing 50+ restaurants in Warsaw a standard price we expect to pay for two people with two starters and two mains is around the 100zł mark. Wspólny Mianownik is not as central as some locations, but their prices reflect that and offer amazing value. The total being half of what we usually would pay is a big positive.

They don’t have a paper/written menu, but a large chalk board to the left of the service desk. It is very noticeable when you walk in and it is pretty easy to read everything quickly:

Our Experience

We didn’t order anything for a starter so let’s jump right in to the mains. The Kitchen is open plan so it is easy to see your order being made and gives you a good idea how long it will take to be severed. I went with the Pulled Pork, coleslaw, pickles and BBQ sauce filling wrapped up in a pancake and the chef was kind enough to let me take some pictures of the process. First thing they did was prepare the coleslaw. Nice to see this being freshly made and not just from a jar.

The next step was the creation of the pancake that the filling would be wrapped in. They are all freshly made to order on a hot plate. It was a cool process to watch, the batter was poured on to the hot plat and then using a wooden tool it was evenly spread, so that one side of the pancake did not have more batter than another.

The pancake mixture was left to heat and cook. As the cooking process came to an end the pulled pork and pickles were carefully added.

Click to enlarge

The pancake was left for enough 30 seconds or so and then the fresh coleslaw was added.

The last step was careful wrapping the package up. The chef seemed like an expert at this because he could do it very fast. The pancake was then plated and topped with BBQ sauce and severed:

Pancakes in this style can be quite difficult to present in a meaningful manner because the content is inside and not visible and the package is basically just flat. However, Wspólny Mianownik are experts in the pancake game and I think they did a great job. The corners are uniform, the sauce was added in such a way that it makes the dish pleasing to look at and the topping of green adds a nice contrast of colors. Let’s see if it tastes as good as it looks so far.

Click to enlarge

The texture of the pancake were very easy to cut in to and open. The focus on the flavor in this dish is in the filling as the pancakes are quite thin that they don’t have any powerful tastes. The pulled pork was warm and packed with meaty and juicy flavors. The pickles were the best combination for this dish. Pulled pork and pickles were born to be together. The coleslaw added a strong crunch soft pulled pork. The crunch you’d expect from cabbage. The pulled pork had its own sauce, but the BBQ sauce on top of the dish added a new dimension. Overall, as a meat lover I really enjoy this dish and would recommend it. It was recommended to me by the chef.

My guest is not as much as a meat lover as me so she went for something different. She selected number 24 on the menu which was Cream cheese, Rocket salad, Pear and Blue cheese.. The cooking process was the same and was made the same time as the pulled pork but on a separate hot plate. The pear was freshly cut and added to the freshly cooked pancake was the cheeses were applied. The dish was served with the same level of care and quality as mine:

This dish was severed warm which helped the cheeses give off some great smells! We are big cheese fans, so if you are not then maybe this is not the dish for you. Again, the pancake was extremely easy to cut with almost no pressure being needed. This might not be important to everyone, but after visiting so many restaurants in Warsaw, we have come to appreciate good cutlery. It can easily spoil a meal when you’re trying to fight it with a plastic knife or weak fork. This is not a problem at Wspólny Mianownik where they provide good quality heavy cutlery. Now this is not important to everyone, but it does show their attention to details and wanting to provide a good service.

The content was easy to scoop up with a fork without the content falling out. This wasn’t as easy with the pulled pork. The pear was fresh and cut in strips with the cheese layered on the top and bottom. Blue cheese is famous for having a strong taste, but the balance between the cream cheese levels and the blue cheese was matched so that one didn’t over take the other.

My guest enjoy this dish, but felt the pear was lacking some spices or extra flavor. The cheeses were perfect but her comment was that the pear were there only for texture more than it was for flavor.

The rocket salad on top was a nice earthly touched and help you focus on the fact that this was one of the more healthy options on the menu. If you are looking for something even more healthy they do offer some amazing salads.

After we had finished our mains we decided to try out a dessert. We didn’t plan to get one, but when we seen someone else order we just had to try because it looked like such a monster of a dessert!

This was number 28 on the menu (Pancakes with Nutella, Oreo and Ice cream). The pancake style for this dish was different to one we had for our main. We see the chef take a fresh bowl of batter and create some small circles on the hot plates. As these began to raise he began smashing up some Oreo cookies.

The dish took about four minutes to create and it presented like every Instagramers wet dream. It was a huge stack of warm pancakes with a big severing of Nutella chocolate-hazelnut spread across the top pancake and then all of this was topped with cream, a big scoop of vanilla ice cream and then crushed Orea cookies with a dizzle of chocolate sauce over the top.

The pancakes were soft and fluffy enough to break open with just the side of a knife. The pancakes were warm which was a perfect match to the cold cream. I don’t know how they do it, but the ice cream didn’t turn in to a puddle of cream. It held its shape and size long enough for us to take many pictures. The whole dish is very soft with the pancakes, cream and ice cream so the Oreo cookies were the perfect match to add some crunch and texture. Everything was severed in the right amount. There wasn’t too many cookies or too much ice cream or too little. The whole dish was well executed.

The taste was amazing! It is very sweet, but the pancakes help take the edge off. The ice cream was vanilla which always goes well with chocolate. This dish is quite big and for most it might be too big for a single person, so if you’re getting some mains too we would recommend ordering only one dessert.

Service and Waiting time

When we arrived (19:00) there was only one person behind the desk, but there was one couple leaving so it was empty when we sat down. For this reason we didn’t expect any waiting time and we were right. The kitchen is visible from the whole seating area so it is easy to keep track of how long you will wait. From placing our order the server turned around a began making our order instantly. From placing our order to eating was less than seven minutes for two mains. Very fast and efficient.

The venue is basically one room so once the cooking process was completed the plates were served right away. Later in to our meal a few other groups came and we observed that their waiting time was just the same as ours as the kitchen can cook multiple dishes at once.

Decor and Atmosphere

Wspólny Mianownik has a common style of hipster meets modern style decor to it. With heavy wooden tables, metal chairs and stools, distressed wood on the walls and a hand written sign. The music was what you’d expect from a cafe style venue, it was just loud enough to be heard without taking away from the experience or over powering a conversation. This could be a good place to take a laptop and get some work done while enjoying some great food.

Language Barrier

As a native English speaker that doesn’t speak Polish I sometimes struggle with restaurants in Warsaw that don’t have English speaking staff, however this was not a problem with Wspólny Mianownik. The menu was written in Polish, but the staff were happy to explain what was inside each dish and even had a few ingredients at hand to show us.

Final Impression and things to note

Overall, we really enjoyed our visit to Wspólny Mianownik. The high quality of food for such a low price is always a sure fire win in our books. The location is not so central compared to some other locations we have reviewed but it is closer than the center if you live in the Saska Kepa area.

If you are going as two people and you order two mains then we’d recommend only ordering one dessert. They are really big and can easily be shared. If you are only going to the sweets then make sure you order two different flavors so you can dig in to each others.

One cool thing to note is that they have car spaces right outside. We got luck as someone was leaving when we arrive, but it did look like a busy space for parking.

We hope you enjoyed discovering Wspólny Mianownik with us. Why not try them out yourself at Ostrobramska 126, 04-026, Warsaw. When you do check them out you can leave your own review here.



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