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Zapiexy Luxusowe Review

Warsaw Local visited Zapiexy Luxusowe, Widok 19, 00-026, 10th March, 2016.

With over 180+ five star reviews and 18,000 likes on their Facebook page, they must be doing something right, right? We always like to challenge venues with this much positive feedback, so let’s see if they can keep up the standard their Facebook page has set for them.

Finding the location

In all our reviews we use the Palace of Culture and Science as a point of reference.

Zapiexy Luxusowe is extremely easy to find from the Palace of Culture. You can pretty much see it from the window. It took us less than four minutes to walk there, but you do have to go down the stairs and back up to cross the busy road.

Here is a picture of the outside to make it easier to spot:

Prices and Menu

The menu is displayed above the area were you order. It is printed in both Polish and English.

I found it pretty cool the fact that they took the time to print the whole menu in English too. Most fast food venues similar to this venue have a Polish menu and just throw you some rough cut up paper menu in English made in Microsoft word. It showed Zapiexy Luxusowe care about the small details, and for someone like me who is learning Polish it not only helped me order, but reminded me of a few words I had forgotten and taught me a few new ones too.

We ordered:

Wloska (large) 15zl
Wykwintna (large) 15zl
Firmowa (large) with extra tomato 16.5
Two drinks 8zl

Our total bill came to: 54.50zl

We ordered three different items mainly for the pictures and the to expand upon the review, but these are HUGE and I am a big guy who can eat a lot, and after a whole one I was looking at the other with open eyes. If you’re hungry and want to try two different flavours a cool point to note is you can order ‘halfs’, meaning only half of a large piece.

Really impressed with the pricing! Cheaper than most of the kebab places in the surround area with more flavour and most likely healthier.

Our Personal Experience

Quality of food and Waiting time

Zapiexy Luxusowe has a self-service style venue were you place your order at the desk and it is made in front of you in a subway sandwich style.

The waiting time was pretty good. From ordering to eating we only waited about four minutes.

My order Wloska was served first:

This thing is large! I was really surprised by the size, I was thinking of cutting it in to pieces but then I seen everyone else around be picking it up and eating it in one piece, so I didn’t want to be out of place.

The bread piece was nicely cooked. It was crispy on the outside, but soft and doughy when you got your teeth inside it. Inside the Wloska is pepperoni, mozzarella, tomato and rocket. The rocket was fresh and earthly, the tomato was crispy and fresh (warm too, I personally hate cold tomato on top of a warm piece of food but maybe that is just me?) and the mozzarella was a perfect match to this all. I couldn’t really taste much pepperoni, if it wasn’t on the menu I wouldn’t have notice it was there.

Our next order was called Wykwintna:

This is the one! If you’re in the city for a short amount of time and only planning to come here once then Wykwintna is what you want to order! It blew both me and my guest away. Included is chicken, Lazur cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and spinach.

This dish was swimming in cheese and me and my guest love cheese. The chicken was clearly noticeable and a perfect match to the shape tastes of the sun-dried tomatoes. Everything about this screamed high quality ingredients and taste………I am completely honest in saying I just stopped typing and went and bought another one of these.

My guest ordered Firmowa (large) with extra tomato:

Firmowa includes bacon, sheep’s cheese and onion. following the trend of the other dishes, it was packed with tasty cheese, on nicely toasted bread and was huge! My guest added BBQ sauce to their dish, and the sauce selection is pretty interesting. My guest was Polish and after seeing the size of my orders she asked if they could cut it for her and she returned with this. It is really cool that they provide different serving styles. I wish I would have knew this when I ordered mine as it was much easier to eat in these sizes.

At the start I mentioned Zapiexy Luxusowe had a subway style serving system, well one thing I hate about subway is they never get the right amount of sauce on my sandwich, sometimes I want a lot and some times I only want a little, but here we could put our on sauce on ourselves.

We don’t usually talk about drinks, but Zapiexy Luxusowe provide something past the same old boring coke and Sprit. My guest order me these:

My guest explained that these drinks were very traditional in ‘communist’ times. They provided many different flavours too.

If you really want to eat, drink and experience the whole Polish culture then give these ago. I would love to describe the taste of these to you, but they are kind of like a good book. You need to experience it all to get the full impact yourself. ?


This venue is self-service. The menu is printed above the serving desk and your order is called for you to collect, so no much to comment on in terms of service but all the staff were polite, the room was served quickly and the waiting time was what you’d expect.

Decor and Atmosphere

My guest is Polish and was born in Warsaw, so they were able to tell me more about the way the place was designed. I properly would have overlooked it as a tourist. The theme of the Zapiexy Luxusowe is kind of ‘old-school’ and as my guest described it a ‘communist’ design . I liked it. It was different, it was fun and it was a unique talking point. The table tops were covered in News papers from communist times.

Zapiexy Luxusowe is a small venue, but their focus is on fast food and takeaway. The venue seems a lot bigger with a large mirrored wall and tall windows all around.

The atmosphere is what you’d expect from this fast food style of venue, there was a lot of people coming and going. There was some pretty music in the background that filled the gaps between conversation and eating.

Language barriers

All the staff spoke a great level of English. This was expected from the very central location, but they really surprised me (as a native English speaker) with their accents. Ten out of ten for communication.

All the names of the dishes are in Polish. They do provide English underneath, but you have to say the Polish word and then listen out for it. I feel if there was a number system next to the name it would make it easier for tourists in the city only for a few days.

Room for Improvement and things to note

This venue is small. Don’t expect to just turn up here with eight people and to get a seat each without some waiting time. We arrive only as two people (but to be honest it was a peak eating time of 18:30) and had to wait a few minutes for a seat.

A cool thing to note is Zapiexy Luxusowe is open until 04:00 on Friday and Saturday! I wish I knew this sooner. I have been wasting my time with flavorless kebabs when I could have been here.

Overall, Zapiexy Luxusowe cures your hunger pains in style. It is cheap, it is fast, it is healthy and most importantly it is super tasty! With such a big selection on the menu, you could eat here a few times a week on the way home from work and never get bored.

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