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Zushi Point Review

Warsaw Local visited Zushi Point, 26th January 2016.

Finding the location

All the locations we review, we use the Palace of Culture and Science as a point of reference. We have to say this is the shortest distance we have ever had to explain. You could throw a stone from Zushi Point and hit the Palace.

It took us less than three minutes to walk there and it was very easy to spot with a large and clear sign. Here is a picture of the front of Zushi Point:

Prices and Menu

We usually take a photograph of the menu, but it was impossible here. This has to have been one of the largest menus we have ever seen. It easily had 15 pages and it was very overwhelming. As someone who does not know a lot about issue it was difficult to select something and there were no pictures in the menu. If you’re new to sushi then you just have to gamble with your choice.

You can find the menu here. The online version have pictures of the food, so it might be worth doing your research before going.

I wanted to try a range of different tastes so I went with ‘Set 1’ which includes 14 pieces.

– 6 Pieces of Salmon based Sushi with vegetables and cream cheese (Futomaki)

– 6 Pieces salmon based sushi (Hosomaki)

– 2 Pieces of Nirgil

The total cost of this set was 51zl

Our Personal Experience

Quality of food and Waiting time

I went alone to Zushi Point at about 15:00. There were two other people there that left by the time I had place my order, so I was expecting my order to be quick. I waited a reasonable ten minutes, but I am sure this would increase in very busy dinner hours and weekends.

The food was nicely presented.

The Hosomaki was great! It was the correct size to easily be eaten in one bite. The texture and taste is what you’d expect from high quality sushi.

I don’t mind cream cheese, but it is not something you’ll find in my fridge. I enjoyed the larger Futomaki, but found the cream cheese a lit overpowering. If you’re a major fan of cream cheese then you’ll love these!

I had never tried Nirgil before, and there is not much to comment on. I couldn’t say it had a particular taste, other than the soy sauce the rice was dipped in.

Decor and Atmosphere

The venue is very nicely decorated. A very professional and clean image is given.

The kitchen is open plan so you can see inside and if you sit on the stools you can watch your order being created there and then right in front of you.

The atmosphere was lacking for me personally because I was the only person there, but Zushi Point is open until 03:00 on a Saturday, so I bet it is more lively then.

Language barriers

As somebody who does not does not speak Polish, the staff were friendly in their English responses and were happy to ask throughout the meal if everything was ok in English. The menu is also provided in both English and Polish

Room for Improvement and things to note

My set was served with wasabi and pickled ginger. I found the wasabi serving to be too small and used it up within five pieces of of fourteen piece set. I asked for more and given more, without it being added to the bill which was nice.

Overall my experience was good. The food was of high quality, the venue was nice and the location was great! This would make a perfect location for a business lunch or a unique tinder date for those who are new to the city, as it is so easy to find.

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